Nothing box. Group exhibition.

Everything manifests itself from a box with emptiness, from a state of weightlessness in which we experience everything as it is. A box with emptiness is both emptiness and joy at the same time.
An empty box is a symbol of willingness to open and accept, it is a willingness to share. These qualities are very important in the creation and perception of art. Without this, our experience will not touch the heart, even if the most colorful and fulfilling moments of life flash before our eyes.

With this project, we present authors who for many years have somehow worked with the topic of abstraction, and also want to show the richness of their discoveries. They range from subtle and sensitive to really heavy qualities of density and intensity, from minimalism to full-fledged painting, from abstract thought to a fully expressed utterance.
There is no problem of misunderstanding, since we can just honestly work with our perception, so that there is something that will certainly point to your own mind in which the experience of emptiness can be reflected, gradually being in which, fear or aggression disappear and the quality of a radiant presence remains .

Assemblage. Found objects. Plywood. Wood. Acrylic paint. Found objects. 2.3 m-3.3 m.
Basmannyy Dvor. Moscow. Russia. 2020.

© 2021. Alexey Luka.