Being Here.
Personal exhibition.

In the new works produced for his first solo exhibition Being here, Alexey Luka explores the concept of home. Many aspects related to this concept are able to influence people in a relevant way: their background and family history, the culture of the country in which they are born, the local customs of the place in which they live, and even everyday activities have a real influence on the formation of personality, and on the way in which we relect and act. Our past experiences interact with the present, shaping us and bestowing upon us an idea of belonging and identity, the feeling of a safe home. Nevertheless, these feelings can mask psychological patterns of self deception, of compliance and conformity to the values and ethics of the group, which ignore a realistic evaluation of other courses of action. In fact, many find what they really need, their inner being, their independent will, only when they are far from home. Being here investigates this relationship between native environment and individuality, highlighting how the latter might be rediscovered outside of the geographic and cultural confines in which we are raised.

Wood sculptures. Wood and plywood Assemblages. Mixed media, wood assemblage. Hand made paper collages. Acrylic paint on canvases. Different sizes.
Wunderkammern gallery. Rome. Italy. 2015.

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