Border line.

In 2016, the participants of Artmossphere, the II Moscow International Biennale of Street Art, will explore the boundaries of personal freedom; the human habit of doubting their abilities, setting limits on new achievements and radical changes, exaggerating the significance of obstacles. The artists will analyze the causes and consequences of self-imposed limits: passivity and inertness, fear of punishment and of innovation, as well as appeal to each person to test on a daily basis the permeability of their own invisible walls, the barriers of self-censorship and lack of confidence, the protective shields of a comfortable environment and inherited social status. A wall is a metaphor for internal restrictions, but it is also a symbol and natural habitat for the development of street art, a field for self-expression and qualitative transformations.

Wood and plywood sculptures. Mixed media, wood assemblages. Different sizes.
Central Manege. Moscow. Russia. 2016.

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