“Cibus in Fabula” is the artistic project designed by the digital storyteller Felice Limosani. Food, nutrition and the planet are described through two different contemporary languages that take shape in a single live performance to which Felice Limosani has invited 13 international figures (from Japan, Ireland, Spain, France and the UK, just to mention a few countries), who work with very different techniques. Each mural will come to life with Video Art, the expressive code by Felice Limosani. Urban art together with technology aim to amaze, provoke and lead to reflection, through creativity, about the excesses, paradoxes and distortions of our planet. The imposing installation consists of a visually striking led wall (7 x 10m) in the centre and, on the two side wings, two murales created on monumental canvases of 70 sqm.

The size of the wall is 7 x 10 meters each. Spray paint on pvc canvas.
Milan. Italy. 2015.

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