Opened Circle.
Two person exhibition with Swiz.

In this marvellous duo show, Alexey Luka and his partner in crime Parisian artist Swiz dare to attempt the highly complex topic of an ‚opened circle‘ - actually, a contradiction in terms, if you look at a circular shape as one line closed without any beginning or ending. Nonetheless both of the artists tried to make the impossible happen, to break the circle - what also means - in a way - to break an already existing purity and harmony. What makes it that thrilling, is the different approach of Swiz and Luka: while the former tries to show the duality between chaos, what is symbolized by the density of his letters/shapes/colours and the harmony or simplicity of one single line - the other artist focuses more on the concept than less on a visual transfer or effect, because in Alexey Luka’s works there is mostly a story hidden; and since he produces most of his works in situ and with found objects, every work is also a completely new experience for him and the viewer. It’s the new, the unexpected why both artists find the idea of an opened circle so fascinating. What really happens at the breaking point? Is there an emptiness or is it just about to fill this emptiness with letters, shapes, colours or stories … is there waiting something unexpected for us or is that exactly the point where anything can happen?

Wood and plywood Assemblages. Mixed media, wood assemblage. Hand made paper collages. Acrylic paint on canvases. Different sizes.
Galerie Zimmerling & Jungfleish. Saarbrücken. Germany. 2017.

© 2021. Alexey Luka.