Side B.
Two person exhibition with Natalya Serkova.

The exhibition is a transitional point , an intermediate result of work, a logical transformation to a more thoughtful, profound and carefully formulated research. Side B is always an alternative, a nonstandard decision. Rough, semi-marginal self-contained space. The field of this research focuses on local aspects while stretching out to the distance of a parsec. It is not making the meaning up, but carries it by default, as something inseparable from the very nature of any practicing artist.
Beautifully crafted graphics cut up the surface of the everyday banalities, and although they will not carry you away from the habitual, they will give you an idea of the alternative option, of the side b.

Wood and plywood Assemblages. Mixed media, wood assemblage. Hand made paper collages. Acrylic paint on canvases. Different sizes.
Proekt_fabrika. Moscow. 2012.

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