The nature of interaction.
Group exhibition.

The main theme of Art-test is interaction of urban and natural environments. Organised in collaboration with the independent art community Artmossphere,
Art-test looks deeper into the conflict of nature and city that has been growing since the beginning of industrial ageand is now gaining more and more importance in the globalised world. For a while now, this idea of a metropolis with its factories and manufacturing rapidly taking over the natural landscapes, has been the centre of attention of philosophers, researchers, writers and visual artists. Urbanists and architects are working to find balance between the city as a mechanical structure and the fluid nature of being human, to unite the harsh means of how our economy functions and the living organism that every community is.

Sculpture. Wood, plywood and found objects. 4,5 x 3 meters.
National Centre for Contemporary Arts. Saratov. Russia. 2017.

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