Unforeseen circumstances.
Group exhibition.

Accepting the events that you can't foresee should be considered as a basic condition of the problem that must be solved. 'Unforeseen Circumstances' is a show dedicated to spontaneity and entropy that permanently block the way of harmony and progress. Sometimes, unfortunate circumstances might turn into happy coincidences and a source of new opportunities. They are an integral part of a sophisticated scenario of interrelated events. Dmitri Aske, Alexey Luka, SatOne, and Finsta think that you should work with unforeseen circumstances not trying to deceive yourself or run away from the problem. Coolheaded attitude towards the implicit obstacles leads to keeping your creative concentration and to spontaneous breakthroughs. The artists' works demonstrate that unforeseen circumstances can be productive and expand your horizon.

Wood and plywood assemblages. Acrylic paint on canvas. Different sizes.
RuArts gallery. Moscow. Russia. 2015.

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